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We are glad to welcome you on our website. Here we would like to introduce you our dogs and our kennel. Our kennel is a Estonian-German kennel. We breed Yorkshire Terriers and Bolognese

We have been engaged with dogs since the beginning of 1978 in Germany and 2003 our kennel was also registered in Estonia – Kennel Nordics Hütte. During the years, we have participated in several international dog obedience training programmes, courses and breeding seminars.

We are registered as breeders in EKL (Eesti Kennelliit), that belongs as a member  organisation to FCI. Moreover, we are members of several clubs. Furthermore, we belong to the Estonian Yorkshire Terrier Society.

Our breeding is based on healthiness, correctivity (matching the FCI breed standards) and naturally on the breed characteristics. Our dogs are from the characteristics very confident family dogs and loyal friends for life.

The kennel is situated in Pärnu. The dogs and puppies live with us in our house and have the opportunity to play and run in our garden.

Yorkshire Terriers fascinated us during our holidays with their cheerfulness and smartness. This confident, brave small terrier just melted our hearth with her wonderful silky hair 🙂 There live also two bolognese in our kennel.

Our kennel doesn`t have puppies around the year. Our breeded puppies are unquestionably given only into best hands.

From their first days on, all puppies were taken care of with love and passion, 24 hours from us, raised and well socialized.

Kennel Nordics Hütte wishes you a pleasant visit!

Best wishes, Maili and Ralf Meskat

Nordics Hütte bolognese G-litter

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